Moose Park Sweden

On a rainy summer day we decided to skip our previous beach plans and drove with the car to see some moose and guess what?

We had so much LUCK, because me met a baby moose with his mother.

I couldn’t believe how trusting they were, both of them looked right through our window to check if we have some food and say ‚hello‘.

This was a nature reserve where you can take a safari ride and you will experience the moose up close like we did. The jeeps you ride in are partially open at the sides giving you an opportunity to pet and feed the moose. But you are well protected at the same time. Bad weather is no problem at all. It’s possible to take your own car and drive very very slowly to not disturb the animals.

You just have to google ‚moose park‘ then you get a list with all parks and opening hours. Of course there is an obligatory entrance fee, but it was so worth it. You have to know they have to pay the food for these beautiful animals, the people who work there, and also some veterinarians. Best decision ever! Now i can tick off  ’seeing moose‘ from my bucket list.