Malmö Sweden

Malmö surprised me a lot! I didn’t expect it to be as well worth seeing as it is.

This not so small city has more to offer than you might think:

A beautiful old town with very cute houses, super hip cafés and restaurants and the most impressive modern library i’ve ever seen. More about Malmös bookish side you’ll find by clicking here

We had very good weather, so we could explore all the charming outdoor places like huge and very green parks, strolling around and sipping coffee outside (i link you some places where to go) and the best jumping into the water places right in the city center. This was what the inhabitants do during warm summer days straight after work. I’ve seen so many people coming to the water still in working clothes but with a bag in their hands filled with swimwear and a towel – this was the best summer vibe we could get so far. Also there are ice cream parlor at almost every swimming place.